My Acne Caused Me to Fall into a Depression.

Let me fill you in… for the LONGEST time (approx a year) I was struggling with very severe acne. My freshman year of college I was away from home, in a different state and it was very overwhelming!

My diet wasn’t great. I ate lots of junk food and pizza like most college students do. In turn it had a huge impact on my skin. I never really had any prior experiences with acne so I did my best to treat it. I tried TONS of skin care products and treatments. Nothing seemed to be calming the inflammation or cystic pimples!

The severity of my acne caused me to fall into a depression. I felt so uncomfortable when people would look at me because I felt as though all they saw was my acne. I often wouldn’t go out with friends or be productive in my studies due to my depression. On top of that, I was overwhelmed with school and my anxiety started to spike specifically when I would take tests. I had a very hard time concentrating on the material. My grades started to decline.

When the triangle of health came into my life little did I know what it would do for me! After a month or two on the TOH product I began to notice the inflammation in my face to go away. Around the 6 month mark I rarely had a pimple.

In January of 2019 I began using the fleuresse skin care line, specifically the: cleanser and serum! It gave my skin the extra boost to heal. My face literally TRANSFORMED from cystic pimples, inflammation and scars to clear skin. The scars from pimples started to heal, and today I have very minimal scaring and smooth skin.

My anxiety has since been slim to none and manageable. My depression no longer affects me thanks to my skin and health improvement. My grades have improved immensely and now have a 4.0 GPA. I can think clearly and don’t experience severe test anxiety. My skin is healthy and no longer covered in cystic acne.

I’m very grateful for the triangle of health and fleuresse and what it has done for me!

Health truly starts from the inside out! 

Photo 1: w/o makeup (summer of 2017)
Photo 2: w/ makeup (fall of 2018)
Photo 3: today w/o makeup (9/2/19)